Au revoir

Au revoir May 08 2013

We said goodbye to another 4 lambs today.  For the past year they have had a wonderful life mooching around on wonderful species rich pasture.  They have never been exposed to any sort of stress.  This is what makes our meat so incredibly tasty and tender. 

One of the lambs will be made into lamb and mint sausages and burgers.  Perfect for the BBQ.  If the weather is requiring umbrellas why not oven cook them and have an ‘indoor BBQ’ as we often do.  My mouth is salivating at the thought of the sausages.  Have my pitta breads ready along with mint and yoghurt to make the most delicious kebab we have ever tasted.

Two of the lambs have already been sold but we will have cuts available.  Please check the product list.  As I do not know the weights I cannot update the prices for the meat until we collect it, we then use the national lamb price on the Friday that we pick it up.