Farewell friend

Farewell friend May 08 2013

Last week we had to say a farewell to 'Curley' our first ram and the founding father of the Elmwicke flock.  

When he first arrived on the farm to say that he had attitude would be the biggest understatement ever.  It became apparent very quickly that he hated men.  As you can imagine this caused quite a few problems.  As I was incredibly wary of him it was Jon's job to do the feeding.  I honestly cannot tell you how many times he charged Jon, some of the funniest when Jon was unaware of him and would suddenly hear Curley's feet thundering up behind him!  Jon on numerous occasions sported some cracking bruises from Curley's horns.  The shouts of 'You're going for meat' are too many to count!  

Through it all Jon never gave up on him despite Curley pushing him to his limits of patience.  Over time Curley became a little more mellow and I became not so nervous and would go into the field with him and our other rams.  He would allow all of us to give his head and horns a scratch and would eat food out of our hands.  

We knew the time was nigh as he was finding it increasingly difficult to move freely and wouldn't race up when he heard the feed bucket rattling across the fields.  Also during our regular checks we noticed that his teeth were becoming very thin so he was starting to struggle eating.  Just like with beloved pets the thought of saying goodbye was heartbreaking but we knew it had to be done.  I said one last 'ta-ra' to him in his field the night before and made the decision not to see him in the trailer the following morning, rather remembering him for the 'stroppy, grumpy so and so' he had been.  Jon sadly drove him to Cirencester market (Voyce Pullin www.voycepullin.co.uk) and there put him and the girls he had gone with into their pen.  On returning home Jon said that he was the best ram at market.  He made us proud to the end.