Happy lambs and bad driving!

Happy lambs and bad driving! May 08 2013

The three lambs that we are bottle feeding are growing like weeds.  They are all still very close to their Mums which is fantastic as that is always the worry if they are not feeding entirely from them.  Aerial the poorly Mum has made the most remarkable recovery which we are over the moon with especially as she is Renna’s sheep. 

As a lamb Renna showed her at Stroud Show as a result she is pretty tame and will come and feed out of our hands.  Renna has chosen names for her two lambs ‘Willy’ and ‘Wonka’, both of whom are responding to their names when we call them for their bottles!  This is all really positive in terms of showing at Stroud Show this year. Lucy will be taking ‘Cooper’ who is a very handsome ram lamb.  Not sure who Georgie is taking but know that I will be taking ‘Ted’ our ram! 

Jon casually dropped into conversation that he had double booked himself for the date of the show and wouldn’t be there so the girls and I will have to do it on our own.  I did an internal scream!  The girls and I will be fine, who knows for the first time we might get a 1st! 

My main concern is driving the truck and trailer.  I am okay going straight and forwards not so hot at reversing!

If you fancy coming along to a lovely show then this is the one for you.  It is free entry to the public and there are plenty of things to see and do.  The date is Saturday 20th July 2013.  For more details go to www.stroudshow.co.uk.